Custom Patches for Jackets

Custom Patches for Jackets

Our custom patches for jackets are here to style any fabric and texture of jackets. We make affordable patches for teams, uniform jackets, clubs, bikers, and cheerleaders. All you need to tell is your design and color requirements and our experts can create exclusive designs.

Patches for Jackets

We can make exclusive patches for jackets using velvet and other fabrics that reflect the look of your brand. These patches are available in different colors and shapes and can suit both woven and un-woven fabric. They are sewable and perfect for all types of stuff. They include:

  • Back Patches for Jackets

We know the craze of custom-made patches for jackets. Our exclusive collection and design can help to make eye-catching jackets. You can easily sew them on any kind of fabric and can turn your simple jackets into stylish ones.

  • Leather Vest Patches

Made with high-quality fabric and the finest threads, these patches will be the next thing you would love. You can have iron-on, sewable, woven, and PVC patches for all types of jackets. Leather vest patches are a must-have for bikers.

  • Chenille Letter Patches

Chenille letter patches are a revolution and create three-dimensional designs. We make exclusive designs for jackets, sweatshirts, and T-shirts. The experts first make the designs and then digitize them using a chenille embroidery machine. The stitches are of exceptional quality and use premium needles and threads.

Chenille letters can be used for various purposes and can showcase your brand. You can add small quotes, initial letters of the brand, or stylish texts to create different fabrics. They look cool on hoodies, pullover sweaters, and jackets.

  • Custom Letterman Patches

Custom letterman patches can perfectly go with your high school or university jackets and uniforms. It shows the name or number of the players on the team. We make the most stylish and colorful patches that are loved by all. They can boost your personality and gives off a sense of unity and team spirit. Our experts can create unique designs that your team will love.

Large Patches for Jackets

Custom patches are a requirement nowadays. We offer large patches of about 10 to 12 inches made with top-quality materials to modify all of your jackets. They add a unique look to your jackets. You can have them for personal style or a large-scale custom jackets brand.